It all started with friendship.....and a grill.

Friends for many years, Carl and Darin  both enjoyed cooking and grilling for friends and family.  From the meats seasoned with their own personal rub spice blend and smoked to perfection, to grilled vegetables, pizzas, and even just burgers and dogs,their weekly summer cookouts quickly became the place to be for both fun times and amazing food.


Then in 2013, Carl and Darin embarked on a big new project, the design and fabrication of a custom smoker and grill.  Porkules was born, engineered out of a 275 gallon tank and given personality with custom motorcycle exhaust smoke stacks and handlebars.  The grill quickly became a focal point and conversation starter, garnering attention and interest from almost anyone it passed in its travels. 


Competing in the First Annual Brew & Barbeque Competition at the St. Mary's Fairgrounds in 2014, Carl and Darin decided to put their talents and passions to better use, not only through further competitions, but also by offering their services and love of all things grilled/smoked with others and Porkules Barbeque was started.


Though the grill was the inspiration, the men manning it are the real stars of the show.  Carl and Darin bring not only talent for grilling and a strong work ethic with them, but also a love, not only for providing delicious meals, but also for the joy of the gathering of friends and family.  Porkules Barbeque looks forward to being a part of your celebration!